Suicide, Myths & Facts.

Here are some Myths and Facts about Suicide.


Myth:    If someone decides to die by suicide there is nothing you can do about it.

Fact:      Suicide can be prevented. Most people who die by suicide do not want to die; they just want to stop their pain. An offer of help and support at this time of crisis can reduce the risk of dying by suicide.

Myth:    People who attempt suicide and survive will not try again.

Fact:      People who attempt suicide and survive will often try again.

Myth:    People who attempt suicide and don’t complete it won’t try again, they are just attention seeking or are trying to manipulate others.

Fact:      People who attempt suicide are in pain and this is a cry for help.  People at the highest risk of suicide are those who have made attempts in the previous year.

Myth:    Only certain types of people, the mentally ill or depressed, or those of a certain age, gender or race will attempt suicide.

Fact:      Suicide can strike anyone. People who have feelings of hopelessness or desperation can be at risk, but anyone can have suicidal thoughts or feelings.

 Myth:   People who talk about suicide won’t do it or they are just attention seeking.

Fact:      People who talk about wanting to die by suicide often do it. About 80% of those who die by suicide will have spoken about it in the months beforehand.

Myth:    Talking about suicide only puts the idea into someone’s head.

Fact:      Talking about suicide does not encourage it. It may save a life. Discussing suicide allows the person to open up and allows the person to communicate what’s going on in their mind.

Myth:    When people become suicidal they are suicidal forever.

Fact:      With most people the suicidal feelings and intent are for a short period of time and can vary as time progresses.

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